Three piece buckles  $300

Oval buckles $200 to $300

Custom silver rings $125 to $150

Turquoise cross necklace $150

Turquoise cross necklace with cross earrings $250

Turquoise necklaces with custom design pendent's $180

Bolo cross necklace with wood & silver beads $125

Spurs base price $150

Spurs with silver initials, brands, etc $250

Custom design spurs $400

Eagle head bear claw necklace $180

Salmon head bear claw necklace $180

Elk head spurs with initials, brands, etc  $500

Custom design key chain bottle opener buckles $125

Bolo bracelets with custom design logo pendent $150

Bolo bracelets with sliver beads $45

Bolo Bracelets with silver and turquoise $80

Copper bracelet with initials, brand, etc $80

Silver butterfly ear rings $150

20th Anniversary
100 Point Bull Ride