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"Perfect Ride Power Chair Conversions"
Taking some of the limitations out of the limitations
The 4X4 Ruff Stock Power Chair Conversion. (Converts chair to 4X4 and keeps chair more versatile for inside and outside use by keeping wheel base close to the same so it fits were your normal chair does and it is more affordable.)

Handicapped Fly Fishing Pontoon
Transport Caddy
The Fly Fishing Pontoon Caddy is a trailer system for transporting pontoon with rig and transporting the handicapped fisherman to the water after they transfer onto pontoon and caddy.

Handicapped Fishing or Fly Fishing Pontoons
Two models will be available

1. The Columbia Basin Access
(for handicapped with fold up arm rest removable or lock, a seat bottom pad and comes with leg tray.

2. The Columbia Basin
(Features- storage boxes are down inside the top of pontoons to keep top level for easy transfers one side will accommodate a two piece 9 foot rod and the other side a smaller tackle storage.  Comes with feet rest, optional arm rest and padded seat botom
The pontoons are 8 foot light weight durable wood with a rhino lined bottom to add durability the seat is oak with hand weaved soft rope seat bottom and back.
It breaks down into 3 pieces for easer transport  the wood is stained, sealed and water proofed.
You will be in Cadillac style on the water with this beautiful fishing pontoon)

Brutis 6X6 Motor Powered Pontoon Caddy Dolly

(For the more independent handicapped fisherman or fly fisher who doesn't want to relay on someone to launch them and their pontoon. Brutis is a 6X6 electric powered dolly that the pontoon caddy can  be hitched to and driven with wireless remote control to launch and  retrieve your self.)

The Baja Rancher 2X2 conversion
( converts chair to a more off road 2X2 with a 5 inch wide off road tread and a wider caster wheel so it stays on top of the softer ground better.)
$400 for wear wheel drive models and center wheel dive models with a 12 or 13 inch wheel.
$460 for center wheel drive models with smaller 9-10 inch drive wheels adjustments need to be made to the length of casters to adjust for a higher drive wheel.

Handicapped Fishing Pontoon Accessories

Leg Tray
(for fly fishing pontoons that will attach to feet rest  to keep your leg up out of the water and dry.  No need to mess with trying to get waders on)

Fold up arm rest
(Arm rest will attach to seat frame of pontoons adjustable width and will allow for presser releases that are not possible with out them)

Padded seat bottom
(to keep from getting pressure sores)

Padded transfer bench
( padded transfer bench will bridge over the high ore lock bracket on inflatable pontoons to the seat for easer transfers.)

Seat reclining bracket
(Bracket will elevate the front of seat to compensate for weak torso balance making it easer to row.)

Caster Wheel
$90 to add to
the Rancher
Snow Hog
(The conversion will convert a power chair to a 6x6 or 4x4 all terrain chair for those who want to access rough terrain for hunting, fishing and camping.  You can also get around places that you can not with a normal power chair like the beach, garden and around the ranch or farm with out getting stuck every time you get off the solid ground.
Wade recommends doing the conversion to a used chair that can be purched cheaper than a new one or an every day chair that is best for getting around the house  or inside were it is better suited than the 6x6)

Coming Soon
6x6 extreme off road rodeo will feature 14x6 inch tires 4 motors to drive it two motors on each side front and back two motor controllers and joy stick controllers one for each side with 24 volts for each side 48 volts total. This will allow 100% power for turning and climbing. Price will depend on cost of parts new or used
Conversions by Appointment
*Costomers buying a conversion will have to sign a releace of liability waver for persional injury and damage to motors and electroincs from the extra work load of the 4X4 and 6X6 drive system.
Factory warenty applies for factory parts used for the conversion and one year for my fabricated parts.

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6x6 Conversion
4x4 Conversion
Little John
(Front wheel drive and can be made for kids and adults. This is a custom built chair.) $2000
Rancher 2x2

Heavely modified Pronto M51 frame.  It features heaver suspension shocks ,bigger wheel casters, 3200 RPM invacare motors & controller and the options of the knobby tire tread or the snow hog tread.